Total:Reset Ibiza

Spain · 15 - 18 April 2022

5* Luxury Ibiza Spa Experience


Total:Reset is our 5 star luxury spa Ibiza experience for Easter 2022.

After the closure of the world for 2 years we are delighted to return to Ibiza, and the base we began from back in 2012... the 5 star Aguas de Ibiza

This is a total reset for your body, mind and emotional wellbeing.

Call it a NEW way of shifting your life up a gear so you’re able to unlock your highest potential.

Using a proven science based approach, Claire & James will give you every secret, every step by step process and every practical tool they’ve ever used to transform lives – in an immersive long weekend.

Over the Easter weekend they’ll break down the myths, fads and fake promises and bring you the truth of how to lose pounds, sustain healthy eating, and regain control over your stressful lifestyle, your mindset and your relationships.

Claire & James are taking it to a new level in 2022 with this 5 star Total:Reset Ibiza experience, combining their coaching and psychology backgrounds with training and nutrition, to create a lasting and profound impact on your life.

We’re accepting just 12 people for this experience.